H A N S O N - F A N S

Hi good morning everyone. It's around 11ish am here. Just on the computer finishing up the Hanson layout. I got the awesome style sheet from Nick & Danny @ designfreaks. Thanks guys!! Be sure to check out there site. They have so much to offer.

So sorry I have been neglecting my "Hanson" website. I love Hanson! I've been a fan since they first started out back in 1999'. A long time. I know! LOL!

I was sick with an ear infection. But now I'm better. I've been taking my medication they gave me for the infection. It feels as if it worked!!! Now I feel a lot better then what I felt like Thursdy & Friday. Thank goodness for medication to make you feel better. My doctor was very nice too. :)

Tonight I have to walk the dogs. Unless it's raining. Then they don't go out. So no big deal really. lol! I'm NOT doing much of anyhting today really. Just on the computer or relaxing watching tv. Do you have any plans?! I really don't go anyhere, I don't drive so it makes it difficult to go any where really. So I just stay at home.

Going to end it here. Going to go watch The Twillight Zone. Hope you all will have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for visiting Hanson fans. More Hanson stuff coming soon! I promise!!!